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Checklist before starting the bike trip:

  1. A pocket knife
  2. A durable torch
  3. Usual clothes & riding jacket / riding pants
  4. Bike papers (RC, Insurance and PUC)
  5. Warm liner for chilly weather
  6. Rain cover for rainy weather
  7. Water bottle
  8. Hydration kit (ORS, Electral etc)
  9. First aid kit
  10. Good riding boots
  11. Good shin protector / knee guards / elbow guards
  12. Power bank
  13. Good helmet (good to have intercom/phone connection facility)
  14. Gloves suitable to weather
  15. Carry some dry fruits for a quick appetite
  16. Reflector strips on bike and jackets
  17. Good goggles for both day and night
  18. Bungee cords to tie your stuff
  19. An action camera if you are into videos
  20. Sanitizer or some kind of hand wash
  21. Puncture kit
  22. Tyre inflator

It’s good to outline your map on Google map before you start.

Above is just a preliminary checklist of things every rider must have with him / her on either solo or a group bike trip. Any other thing is as per your own interest and habit.

Please go through the article to figure out “How to plan a road trip?“. In this blog I have explained about the planning for solo or group rides. Importance of printed and digital version of the route. Checking weather conditions in advance and being aware of the mobile network condition in advance, because of which you are not lost in any wilderness.

If you think there are more must have things in this list, please feel free to write to: [email protected]

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