Delhi to Leh/Ladakh video

20th – 28th September 2022.

Amazing bike ride from Delhi to Leh – Ladakh done on my Harley Davidson Deluxe.

It was a small group of six riders, but the fun was huge.

Delhi – Jammu, 627 Km (Day 1),

Jammu – Srinagar, 249 Km (Day 2),

Srinagar to Leh via Kargil, 416 Km (Day 3),

Leh to Pangong Lake, 227 Km (Day 4),

Pangong Lake to Leh via Khardungla Pass, 299 Km (Day 5),

Local sightseeing (Day 6),

Leh to Srinagar, 416 Km (Day 7),

Srinagar to Jalandhar, 425 Km (Day 8),

Jalandhar to Delhi, 402 Km (Day 9).

Delhi to Leh writeup will be published soon in a separate blog. It’s published here >>.

Watch the amazing video of Leh/Ladakh:

we got lehd- Delhi To Leh, India bike rides

From Leh to PangongNubra valleyKhardung La pass, this route doesn’t have a petrol pump (or maybe there is one, but it is still out of petrol most often). Locals on this route sell petrol in water bottles at higher rates. Still, I would suggest riders to take care of it themselves. Just buy some cans of petrol, fill them and fix it with your luggage. It will always help you or your fellow rider in case of emergency.

The whole Ladakh region is mostly an army area. You will find a lot of army convoys on your way, and so many barracks. This region is mostly a cold desert. Very few trees. You may easily get bad throat due to fuel exhaust. I caught it too for 3 days. Cover your nose, breathe fresh air and enjoy the trip. Experience of Delhi to Leh-Ladakh ride is once in a lifetime.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any suggestions or if you need any information regarding Delhi to LehLadakh trip. All stays during this trip were arranged by the Raah Getaways.

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  1. Raj says:

    Nice video. Ladakh is indeed a beautiful place.