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Amazing stories of bike rides on Indian roads

Here we tell the most amazing stories of bike rides on Indian roads.

Kapil Sharma, member!

We support the idea of exploring the geographies by road trips and share the enthusiasm with all the driving and riding communities in India as well as the world. Currently officially we are associated with few riders from North India, but we are continuously making efforts to involve as many riders from as many communities both from inside and outside India. To get the latest updates on rides schedule, kindly visit our Facebook page.

Most iconic rides we have done as a group:

Delhi to Leh/Ladakh

Europe Road Trip (caravan)

Delhi To Mount Abu

Delhi to Ranthambore

Here we tell the most amazing stories of bike rides on Indian roads.

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About us:

We call our small group as Harley Boyz! Since 2019 we are collecting all these memories as a group and rode to Jaisalmer, Lucknow, Nainital, Morni Hills, Shimla, Mount Abu, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Gaya, Spiti valley, Srinagar, Leh/Ladakh, Ranthambore and many more nearby destinations from Delhi. Our first long ride together was from Delhi to Jaisalmer in December 2019. Just before COVID lockdown we rode from Delhi to Lucknow for an unforgotteble overnighter. After the lockdown was relaxed our firt long and most awaited ride was to Morni hills in August 2020. Since then, we have done many bike rides together or sometimes solo. Some of us covered all beautiful states of India, with a vast riding experience. I have personally started writing down the journey. This is one small effort to share what I/we have seen and experienced while being on the road.

Manu Sridhar with his Harley Davidson Street BOB

Mr Manu Sridhar our most experience rider has already done 1,10,000 Km and covered all the Indian states on his Harley Davidson Street BOB (2015 model). Collectively we have over 3 Lakh + Km riding experience on the Indian roads.