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26th November 2022

Early in the morning at 6 am I left Delhi, for Lucknow. Target was to reach Lucknow by 1 PM, the same day of course :).

Route: IndirapuramNoida Sector 61Noida GIP mallMahamaya flyoverGreater Noida ExpresswayYamuna ExpresswayAgra Lucknow ExpresswayLucknow CanttGomti NagarIndira Nagar (Lucknow)

Chilly morning, around 9°C temp, when we ride on bike temperature feels like ~5° less than the actual. Got the tankful at Indirapuram itself, with the range of 320 Kms along with tyre pressure check. Delhi to Lucknow solo road trip started on my Harley Davidson Deluxe. It is always very exciting to start the ride. The thrill of riding a 1745 cc machine, with lovely eliminator 300 exhaust pipes, and an attached music system (to listen to melodies at times), always keeps the adrenaline on top.

As it was a solo ride, the attention was completely on the road and surroundings. Sometimes I feel like to be lucky since Yamuna expressway and AgraLucknow expressway are opened to the public. The journey from Delhi to Lucknow by road used to take 10-12 hours till the first decade of 21st century :). Now it’s 6-7 hours, given you dont overspeed. Both the expressways are amazing.

I had to take my first break after Mathura toll with the meter reading of 150 KM, to get the tankful because the next fuel pump was another 150 KM away. From Delhi to Lucknow on both the expressways there are only 3 petrol pumps in total (on your side of the road and without exiting from the expressway). Therefore, you always need to check your petrol level from time to time during the journey, especially when you are on a two-wheeler.

The three Fuel pumps are located at:
  • Near Mathura toll
  • 100 Km mark on Agra-Lucknow Expressway
  • 200 Km mark on Agra-Lucknow expressway

Apart from those, if required or in an emergency you can always take any exit from the expressways and get the fuel.

On Yamuna expressway (total 165 km in length) toll for two wheelers is INR 205/- and on AgraLucknow expressway (total 302 km in length) it is INR 325/- (as of December 2022).

Near Mathura toll, there is a good food court and clean restrooms. I had a cappuccino from Costa coffee and got a takeaway sub from Subway for my breakfast.

Continued my journey and took second stop at 300 Km (100 km into the AgraLucknow expressway). I had my breakfast (Sub) and continued for the next stopover for the tankful (200 km into the AgraLucknow expressway). Without a cup of tea, no road-trip is completed :).

After the tankful, I started for the last lag of 150 Km (till my home in Indira Nagar). Entered Lucknow at 1 PM. And took another 30 minutes through Lucknow Cantt to reach my home.

Return journey, Lucknow to Delhi

I left Lucknow in 2001 for professional studies, but every time I go back to my childhood city, I always see some good and some bad changes. Most of them are good. I have seen more and more organized roads/ traffic over the period of time. Lucknow metro is definitely a cherry on the cake. The city is much cleaner than before (not sure about the entire Lucknow city, but wherever I went).

Overall, the ride was amazing. Very Good weather to ride on amazing expressways. It took me 7 hours and 30 minutes to complete 550 Kms with 3 breaks.

I did the return journey from Lucknow to Delhi on 29th November 2022. I took the same route back and cherished every moment of this road trip. While returning I took only 6 hours 15 minutes to reach Delhi from Lucknow (left my home from Lucknow at 8:00 AM and reached Delhi at 2:15 PM). In total I took two Fuel breaks, first at 200 Km point at LucknowAgra expressway and second near Mathura toll. Of course, the first tankful was done at Lucknow.

Some Pictures:

Checkout my video of the full journey:

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