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10th April 2022.

After 2 wonderful days full of events spent at Pune, now it was time to return to Mangalore (my work town for now).

Short description about 9whr2022: I didn’t write a lot about the event, it is a long topic in itself. Just in short its 9th Western HOG (Harley owner’s group) Rally 2022, which is an annual event, happened at Pune this year. (obviously post Covid-19, after 2 years gap). Normally Harley riders from all over India rides to such annual events. This year presence was not too much but still approximately 450 to 500 riders were there. This event was organised by Harley Davidson India and Two Rivers Chapter, Pune.

On the second night I tried to find some riders riding on NH-48 towards south, most probably to Mangalore (no one that I found, was there from Mangalore) or Bangalore or any other southern city. Luckily I found four Bangalore riders. Made a rendezvous with them for 6 AM next morning.

Early morning 6 am sharp all set with bike loaded with the luggage and hydration, waiting for Bangalore riders. They were on time too. But whole preparation took another 30 minutes. Those 4 bikes consists of a CVO, a Electra Glide and two Fat Boys.

Pune to Mangalore ride starts: 6:30 AM we left from Pune, even that early Pune roads were not empty. Vehicles everywhere. It took half an hour for us to reach the main highway NH-48. Now it was time to cruise, in heavy commercial traffic. We cruised for next 45 minutes for 80 kms and took first fuel break and some sutta break (Remind you that petrol was 120 rs per litre that day in Maharashtra). We started for our breakfast point in Karad (170 Km from Pune), a small town in between Satara and Kolhapur. A friend of Bangalore riders lives in that town and she had organised a tasty breakfast for us in a hotel. It was a pleasure to meet the lady Harley rider. I got acquainted with all of them during the breakfast. Nice people!

After 45 minutes spent during breakfast we again started our journey. The highway started getting to be very busy with the local traffic / commuters. We cruised in that traffic, and don’t forget about the hot weather. It was an amazing group ride. Our five bikes were piercing through the traffic sweetly and I was loving the roar of all the exhaust upgrades. People were noticing us from the distance. I forgot to mention in my previous post about the music system on my bike, it is a great relief to listen to music during such long rides. Sound of exhausts on other bikes were complementing my bike’s music with special base effect. All in all the whole experience was keeping up my adrenaline.

We crossed Kolhapur and then entered in Karnataka. Now got 6 lane highway with less traffic. By far we covered 320 Km from Pune, and it was time for another fuel/water/sutta break.

My ride with Bangalore riders was supposed to end near Hubli city, as from there I had to leave NH-48 and take NH-52 towards Karwar. It was time to say good bye to them, and my time to start solo journey till Mangalore. So far we covered 450 KM in 5 hours 30 minutes (including 2 fuel breaks and a breakfast break).

NH-52 as described is a two lane highway, and some part of it was under construction, but overall very less traffic. Temperature was hot but better than the previous days. I rode alone listening to beautiful melodies. Surrounding views of that highway is too scenic, and it covers lot of forest as well. I rode till Yellapur for fuel and lunch, as next 70 kms was going to be hilly western ghats with almost no good place for food.

After 45 minutes I started my journey towards NH-66 at Gokarna intersection. Last year I rode on this highway during monsoon time, believe me western ghats are lush green during monsoon and a delight to your eyes. Almost whole coastal area is like that.

Reached NH-66 by 3:30 PM, 570 KMs done now 230 were remaining. It was hot afternoon, but when there is less traffic you still can enjoy the weather.

I crossed Gokarna, Kumta, Murdeshwar and Bhatkal. Then took a snacks break of 45 minutes.

Till Bhatkal there are some diversions as highway is still under construction (road widening) at some places. From Bhatkal to Mangalore it is a non-stop 4 lane highway. Also it was getting evening so traffic rush started to grow. I took another stop near Mulki for fuel and then I reached my place at Chilimbi, Mangalore by 6:30 PM. All in all 12 hours in total from The Westin hotel Pune to Mangalore city, including all breaks.

A nice 450 KM ride with Bangalore riders and then 350 KM solo ride. In total 800 Kms.

I am riding in south India since last 9-10 months, and I endured myself a lot by riding in rain and hot weather. There is a big part played by the bike as well to make my journey more comfortable. It’s the power drew from the bike to pierce through the traffic and comfortable sitting posture which motivates me to keep going.

During Pune to Mangalore ride I took 4 fuel, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 snacks breaks. Obviously had 1 litre of electrolytes for hydration, time to time.

Thanks for reading. Hope you find it interesting.

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