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 Delhi To Ranthambore, 11th November 2022

Morning 6:30, meeting point in front of Ambience mall Gurugram (NH 48). Shifted from Dhaula Kuan to ambience mall as there was the VIP movement (most probably honorable PM of India) in the Delhi core area that time. Police were not letting any single vehicle stop and wait on the road.

Some of the riders were late, but eventually we all met at 6:45 AM and after few clicks and drag of ciggy we flagged off at 7 AM to start from Delhi to Ranthambore. There are couple of routes, but as we all riders are from different part of NCR, we planned to meet at the common point convenient to all. I drove from Indirapuram (GZB) to Ambience mall.

Ambience Mall Gurugram- Delhi to Ranthambore

Route:  Ambience Mall – SohnaNuhMumbai Expressway – DausaLalsot – Tiger Moon resort Ranthambore.

DelhiMumbai expressway is still under construction and not opened to the public (till the time I am pressing keys for this article). I got to know that one stretch from near Nuh to Dausa (around 100 Km) was opened only for the two wheelers. The most common route is from GurugramManesarNeemranaShahpuraDausaRanthambore, but we wanted to try some stretches on the DelhiMumbai Expressway. Because of it we took the SohnaNuhDausa route. Before reaching DelhiMumbai expressway, we considered it as a bad decision. Road conditions in Haryana (except NHs) are bad and so is on this road. Eventually the DelhiMumbai expressway made us forget all the pain we had on the bad roads. As only two wheelers were allowed, there was no one, literally no one else on this expressway.

Mumbai expressway-India bike rides, Delhi to Ranthambore
Nuh - Haryana- India bike rides. Delhi to Ranthambore

Checkout the expressway video:

When you get one of the rare chances to ride / drive on good roads, you consider it similar to your last wish getting fulfilled :). Those 100 Kms made us forget anything else happened that day prior to itself.

Irony on Indian expressways

On most of the expressways two wheelers are not allowed. I agree to some extent with slow moving vehicles should not be allowed, because it is dangerous for themselves and everyone else. In India all two wheelers (with motor) are considered in the same two wheelers category. Superbikes above 750 cc or 1000 cc, should not be considered in the same category. As they can move faster/ equivalent to private cars. The whole thinking process in this regard should be evolved. I agree, it is not a priority for the authorities, as there are so many other important issues to handle, but still, a little consideration might be very helpful. We drove on the DelhiMumbai expressway to enjoy riding on it before the authorities closed it even for the two wheelers.

We took exit from the DelhiMumbai expressway near Dausa on NH-21, and then had our breakfast at Dausa bypass, aloo pyaaz parantha (National breakfast of North India :)) and tea. From Dausa we turned left on NH-148.

After some 20-25 kms, left NH-148 near Lalsot and entered SH-24 towards Sawai Madhopur (Ranthambore).

Delhi to Ranthambore ride got concluded with two fuel breaks en-route: Nuh (Haryana) & Lalsot (Rajasthan). After approximately 380 Kms reached hotel at 2 PM.

Ranthambore to Delhi, 13th November 2022

Morning 10:00, we started from our hotel at Ranthambore. This time we all decided to take RanthamboreDausaBharatpurMathuraYamuna ExpresswayGr Noida route, because the route we followed while coming would take us through Gurugram and Delhi, which is tough to cross during the day/ evening time, due to lot of city traffic. People whose destination was Gurgaon, took DausaShahpuraManesar route.

From Dausa we rode till Bhratapur (famously known for Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) on NH-21.

Near Bharatpur city we had our lunch, and a tankful. After the breakfast we resumed our ride towards Mathura city. From there we drove for 40-50 kms on a double road, with lot of oncoming traffic. Had to penetrate through Mathura city as there is no bypass to it. Small city traffic is always a chaos. Somehow, in an hour we crossed the city and entered Yamuna expressway. We took fuel and refreshment break near Mathura toll.

From there my home is 150 Kms, but once I get on this expressway, it feels like I have already reached home. Because almost every time there are no interruptions (not even a single traffic light) of any kind. Spent some coffee time at costa coffee, and as the same day it was Finals of T20 world cup 2022 between England and Pakistan. Watched the final overs ending with England’s triumph. Once we left from there, it took me another 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach my home. I arrived at 6 PM.


Although this route is almost 50 KM more than the other route, we took this route because most of the time it is time saving. The total Ranthambore to Indirapuram from this route was 450 Kms.

A pleasant two-day ride ended very well. With an extra day spent at Ranthambore for local site seeing. Jungle Safari inside the Ranthambore National Park with sighting of the tigress was a memorable one.

Two fuel breaks en-route: Bharatpur (Rajasthan) & Mathura toll (UP).

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